108 Quotes, Interpretations, Contemplations & Meditations

From the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras & more!

Living Yoga 108 all card colour quotes

What most people think of these days as “Yoga”, is far removed from the true essence of what yoga can really bring us. It has been reduced and diluted to fancy poses on Instagram, and the true meaning and goals of Yoga, have been forgotten.

Bring more depth to your knowledge, understanding and practice of yoga

The Living Yoga 108 cards will deepen your personal yoga practice and your yoga classes, adding more depth to your knowledge, understanding and practice of yoga.

living yoga 108 set of cards quotes and interpretations

108 Yoga philosophy cards with a quote from one of the major texts on one side, and either an interpretation, contemplation, or meditation, on the other.

Four major texts of yoga philosophy…

The cards are split into 4 eras of yoga philosophy:

The Vedas


1800-800 BCE



800-200 BCE

Bhagavad Gita


200 BCE

Yoga Sutras


400 CE




A percentage of our profits is donated to the SOS Children’s Villages in India.

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How Can I Use My Living Yoga 108 Cards?

Share with students, enriching yoga classes, discussions, meditation or Savasana

Living Yoga 108 group yoga class
Living Yoga 108 yoga class discussion
Living Yoga 108 yoga class savasana

In personal study, meditation or contemplation

Living Yoga 108 person meditating
Living Yoga 108 meditating

Why 108 cards?

108 is a sacred number for many reasons in yoga philosophy, and many other cultures.  One interpretation is that it represents spiritual completion.


Sanskrit words don’t have to be religious…

Sanskrit words can be used to simply replace the attachment, meaning & memories, we have to words in our own language.

For non-religious people, the term ‘Brahman’ or ‘God’ can be thought of as our spirit or the energy inside us.

Meditations should be done in a comfortable lying or seated position, with a straight back and the body and mind relaxed.

Living Yoga 108 magnetic box open, cards & information leaflet

There have been many interpretations of these quotes over the centuries. Be flexible and open as you contemplate the words on these yoga cards, and allow the centuries of wisdom to guide you.

Your personal set of 108 Yoga Philosophy cards, filled with almost 4000 years of wisdom, is waiting for you.

Living Yoga 108 box standing up with a card of each colour

Created by Charlie Stewart-Brown, founder of Indiv Yoga, who has been studying and practicing yoga since 1995, and today holds retreats and yoga teacher training courses around the world.

When Charlie started suffering from seizures due to chronic anxiety, she found peace in dedicating herself to studying and meditating on yoga philosophy texts. Having become disheartened by the modern perception of Yoga, she decided to share this knowledge in the form of the Living Yoga 108 cards to bring the true essence of yoga back into focus.

charlie stewart brown founder of indiv yoga

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